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Car Hire Montenegro: All You Need to Know about Rent a Car Montenegro

Montenegro, with its stunning landscapes, picturesque coastline, and charming towns, is a perfect destination for exploring by car. Renting a car in Montenegro provides you with the freedom and flexibility to discover the country at your own pace. If you’re considering renting a car in Montenegro, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make your car hire experience smooth and hassle-free.

Should I Rent a Car in Montenegro?

Renting a car in Montenegro is highly recommended if you want to explore beyond the major cities and popular tourist areas. With a car, you can easily access remote locations, venture into the mountains, and discover hidden gems off the beaten path. It gives you the opportunity to explore the country’s natural beauty and cultural treasures at your leisure.

When Not to Rent a Car?

While renting a car is ideal for most travelers, there are a few instances where it may not be necessary or practical. If you’re planning to stay in one location and rely on public transportation or organized tours for your excursions, a car rental may not be essential. Additionally, if you’re visiting only major cities like Podgorica or Budva, where parking can be challenging, it might be more convenient to use taxis or public transport.

How Much Does a Car Rental in Montenegro Cost?

The cost of renting a car in Montenegro can vary depending on several factors such as the rental duration, car type, rental company, and the time of year. During peak tourist seasons, prices tend to be higher, so booking in advance is recommended. It’s also worth comparing prices from different rental companies to find the best deal that suits your budget and requirements.

Know Before Booking:

Before booking your car rental in Montenegro, there are a few important things to consider:

1. Driver’s License: Ensure that you have a valid driver’s license from your home country. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is generally recommended, although not mandatory. if the National Driving License you hold or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not clearly identifiable as a Driving License, e.g., it is in a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Chinese,) then you will require an IDP.

2. Age Restrictions: Most car rental companies in Montenegro require drivers to be at least 21 years old. Some companies may have additional surcharges or restrictions for drivers under 25 or over a certain age, so be sure to check the terms and conditions during your booking process.

3. Cross-Border Travel: If you plan to travel outside of Montenegro, such as to neighboring countries like Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia check with the rental company about their cross-border travel policy. Additional fees or restrictions may apply. We have written a Montenegro cross border travel page where you can get more information.

4. Insurance Coverage: Understand the insurance coverage provided by the rental car and consider purchasing additional coverage if desired. Check if your credit card offers rental car insurance and review the terms and conditions to ensure you have sufficient coverage. You may also purchase extra coverage during the checkout process.

What Kind of Car Should You Rent?

Choosing the right car for your needs is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Consider factors such as the number of passengers, luggage space, and the type of roads you plan to drive on. In Montenegro, you’ll find a range of rental car options, from compact cars for urban driving to SUVs for off-road adventures. Assess your requirements and select a car that best suits your travel plans.

How to Find Cheap Car Rental in Montenegro?

To find affordable car rental options in Montenegro, follow these tips:

1. Book in Advance: Prices tend to be lower when you book your rental car in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. Secure your vehicle early to get the best rates.

2. Compare Prices: Use to compare rental providers in Montenegro Be sure to consider factors such as rental inclusions, insurance coverage, and additional fees.

3. Look for Discounts: Keep an eye out for special discounts or promotional

offers that rental car companies may offer. These can help you save money on your car hire in Montenegro.


Different Pick-up and Drop-off Locations for Car Hire in Montenegro

Most car rental companies in Montenegro offer convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, including major airports, cities, and popular tourist areas. If you plan to pick up your rental car at one location and return it to a different location, inform the rental company in advance. Additional fees may apply for one-way rentals.

Payment Requirements

When renting a car in Montenegro, be prepared to provide a valid credit card in the driver’s name. The credit card will be used for the reservation deposit and any additional charges or security deposits required by the rental company. Some companies may also accept debit cards or cash, but it’s best to check with the specific rental company beforehand.

Insurance: Full Coverage on a Credit Card

Many credit cards offer rental car insurance coverage as a cardholder benefit. Before relying solely on your credit card coverage, thoroughly review the terms and conditions to ensure it provides adequate protection for your needs. If necessary, consider purchasing additional insurance coverage during the checkout process on  to have complete peace of mind during your trip.

Manual or Automatic?

In Montenegro, rental cars are available in both manual and automatic transmissions. If you’re comfortable driving a manual car, it can be a more cost-effective option. However, if you prefer an automatic transmission or are not accustomed to driving a manual, choose a car with an automatic transmission for a smoother driving experience.

Book Early

To secure the car of your choice and take advantage of the best rates, it’s advisable to book your rental car in Montenegro as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute may result in limited availability and higher prices, especially during peak travel seasons.


Minimum and Maximum Age

Most rental car companies in Montenegro require drivers to be at least 21 years old. Some companies may have additional age restrictions or surcharges for drivers under 25 or over a certain age. Be sure to check the rental company’s age policy before booking your car.

Taking a Car Rental in Montenegro on a Ferry

If you plan to take your rental car on a ferry in Montenegro, it’s essential to check with the rental car company about their policy and any additional fees. Some rental car companies may not allow their vehicles on ferries, while others may require prior approval or charge a ferry fee. Click on “rental terms” to get the full details of fees for ferry travel.

Picking Up the Car and Getting on the Road

When picking up your rental car in Montenegro, follow these steps to ensure a smooth start to your journey:

1. Check the Car: Before driving off, inspect the rental car for any existing damages or issues. Note them on the rental agreement and take photos if necessary. This will protect you from being held responsible for pre-existing damage upon return.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Car: Take a few moments to adjust the seat, mirrors, and familiarize yourself with the car’s controls and features. Ensure you know how to operate the headlights, windshield wipers, and other essential functions.

3. Plan Your Route: Use GPS navigation or a mobile app to plan your route in advance. Familiarize yourself with the road signs and understand the general directions to your destination.

4. Respect Road Rules: Observe the traffic rules and speed limits while driving in Montenegro. Stick to the right-hand side of the road, and always wear seatbelts.

Road Assistance

In case of any unexpected issues or emergencies on the road, it’s wise to have access to roadside assistance. Check with the rental car company if they offer 24/7 roadside assistance or if you have coverage through your travel insurance. Save their contact information and emergency helpline numbers in your phone for quick access.

Navigating Roads in Montenegro

Montenegro’s road network offers a mix of well-maintained highways and scenic coastal and mountain roads. While major routes are generally in good condition, some rural roads may be narrower and winding. Exercise caution, especially on mountainous roads, and be aware of changing weather conditions.


Renting a car in Montenegro opens up a world of possibilities for exploring this beautiful country at your own pace. By considering the information shared in this guide, including the various aspects of renting a car in Montenegro, you can make informed decisions and have a seamless car hire experience. Enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and breathtaking scenery as you embark on your Montenegrin adventure with a rental car.

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